Smart Video Capture allows you to quantify, analyze, compare and share your swings with Blast Baseball.
The Blast Precision Motion Sensor attaches to the end of any regulation bat and uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet.
Capture shareable video synced with action metrics while you play, with no need to pause or alter your natural swing.
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Timing
  • Direction
Bluetooth Compatible
Capture video and track swings instantly, even store swings when the sensor is out of range, they’ll download to your smart phone or tablet as soon as you reconnect.
Easily share your highlights with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail with just one touch.
75 mph
Blast Report: "I improved my Swing Speed to 75 mph"
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  • Twitter
  • E-mail

Go ahead, take a swing.

Blast’s highly accurate Precision Motion Sensor gives you the feedback you need to become a better player.

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Blast Baseball Attachment

Blast Baseball Attachment

The clear Blast Baseball attachment stretches over the end of your bat to keep the Precision Motion Sensor firmly attached and ready to discretely catch every movement of your swing.

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Blast Charger

Blast Charger

Using wireless, inductive technology the Blast Charger can fully recharge the Precision Motion Sensor in just 1.5 hours, providing hours of continuous play.

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